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Great Packaging Adds Value to your Brand, making it Stand Out.

At Ducart Packaging Industries, our commitment to innovation and excellent service is driven by the energy of our professional team. This is what sets us apart.

This is what allows us to deliver groundbreaking solutions in the folding cardboard packaging field. We are specialized in planning, developing and the production of packaging across all industries to perfect your packaging experience with customized solutions.

As a leading company in this field, with over 40 years of experience, we will walk you through, step by step, from the initial need to your complete solution.

Ducart packaging industries has two subsidary companies DEP & DIL.
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DEP - Ducart Evergreen Packaging

Specializes in the production of cartons for liquids, such as: Milk, juice and others.

DIL - Ducart iPOP Lahovitz

Specializes in designing and manufacturing of display solutions, stands promotional products and small quantities packaging.


creative packaging

We value the effect the package has on your brand. That’s why we invest effort to provide you with a wide range of innovative packaging solutions. Here is a small glimpse. 


Quality & Certifications

environmental friendly

Quality and environmental care are a central aspect in our world vision.
As such, we invest plenty of resources to insure a high quality and environmental-friendly products.


come first


community outreach

Ducart meets the requirements for social responsibility and has successfully passed social responsibility audits such as SMETA.
Ducart is dedicated to supporting and promoting local community initiatives:

  • Integrating employees with special needs in a rehabilitation community project
  • Investing in educational activities and technological advancements
  • Cooperating with local collages & high-schools

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